Trump v. California, and California Gambling Policy

There is one overriding dynamic right now in California legislation and politics: the war with Donald Trump.  From climate change and fuel economy standards, to immigration and sanctuary status, health care, gun control and labor laws, the Trump Administration and the State of California are going to war.  Even before Donald Trump was sworn in, California hired former Attorney General Eric Holder to prepare for battle.

At stake among other things, the $105 Billion in federal dollars the State of California receives from the federal government.  This has created a siege-like mentality in the State Legislature.

So when asked what direction the state may take on gambling issues, and what are the prospects for California Internet Poker, Fantasy Sports, Sports Betting or Internet Gaming, the fact is that discussion on virtually every issue relates back to the fight with Donald Trump and budgetary dynamics.  There is no legislative urgency on gambling issues — and even the stakeholders seem to have lost steam in pushing for Internet Poker — but if the Legislature has to back fill the loss of federal funds, everything may be on the table.

Article by David Fried